Beginners Cello Lessons

Adult beginners are welcome!

Starting a new instrument as an adult is hard, and YouTube videos can't answer your individual questions or correct your mistakes as they occur! Sybil enjoys working with adult students since they tend share her love of the instrument and want to learn it - no one is forcing them into it.  Equally welcoming to those with no prior musical training, as to those who studied as a youth and took a break while life and career happened, or learned another instrument, Sybil offers a flexible lesson plan catering to most needs.  45 minutes lessons are recommended for most adult beginner cellists. Elements covered include foundation work such as: sound production, posture and fundamental music theory such as note reading and basic scales.  Preferred method books and repertoire include (but are not limited to) the Piatti Cello School, Suzuki Cello School, Cello Globetrotters by Ros Stephenson, and Position Pieces for Cello by Rick Mooney.


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