Lush chamber music featuring jazz guests Mike Murley, Brian Barlow and Guido Basso. Arrangements and original music from Bach, to Chaplin, Gershwin and Piazzolla.  Celebrating a 30 year collaboration with Order of Canada holding musical giant Rick Wilkins. Released by Opening Day Entertainment Group, 2018.

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This is a recording of rarely heard music for two cellos by the great French cello masters of the romantic era. The focus of the album is the music of Auguste Franchomme who was a close friend of Chopin.The 12 caprices and etudes (many recorded for the first time) presented here are in feeling and texture reminiscent in style to the great Polish composer.  Four works by Baudiot, Duport, and Servais complete this unusual recording. Released by ERDECO Recordings, 2014.

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Mysterium, Music from the Labyrinth, is the first CD compilation of music by John Burke dedicated to the labyrinth process. Exquisitely performed by Ensemble Vivant, it begins and ends with Mysterium, the work upon which the entire labyrinth repertoire is based, and a work that is indelibly associated with the artistry of these fine performers. The centrepiece of the recording is Hieratikos for piano trio, a continuous 55-minute arc that guides the listener through the classic rite of passage in its three phases: separation, transition and reincorporation. This is unique in classical music in that it is intended to be used as a support for dynamic walking meditation, as distinct from the usual concert or dance roles. It may well be unique in that the recording is intended to be loaded onto portable devices and used to accompany physical journeys of one's own devising.  For more information about Labyrinth Music please visit: